PASS Board 2016: Update #1

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Hello everyone. Just because I’ve moved on to the executive committee doesn’t mean I’m walking away from these reports. I will continue to communicate all that I can about my role as EVP throughout the year. One of our commitments this year is providing greater insight into each of the portfolio roles, including the Executive. You’ll start to see more communications in the coming weeks of each of our roles.

The last month has largely been about learning my new role.

As EVP, my primary responsibilities include working closely with PASS HQ on finances and governance. Some of these responsibilities may seem tedious and mundane, but they are an essential part of ensuring that PASS delivers on its mission to provide our global community with the best professional development and networking opportunities.

My first tasks included reviewing the budget and becoming familiar with the by-laws. I’ve sat in on my first ExecCo meetings and approved my first round of bills. I have also held individual meetings with the various department heads at PASS HQ so that I can better understand their roles and day-to-day issues to help address them and better serve you all.

One of our in-person board meetings was this month. Unfortunately, I had to travel to the UK for work. But I still attended the meeting. That’s right; I’m not going to stop working for you just because I’m one-third of the way around the planet. I spent the evenings in my hotel after work, staying up late, to be online and at the meeting. I took part in the discussions and the votes. I thought it was a very productive meeting and we made good progress on some very important topics, further details of which will be revealed to you very soon. I’m impressed by the seriousness and capability of my fellow board members. You guys are being well served by this board.

Nothing else to report at this point. I’m still largely getting my feet underneath me in my new role.

OK, fine, but what do you think?