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IMG_20160111_075959238I’ve been using a series of web sites while I was starting the process of learning R. I’ve highlighted several of these in previous posts. While people will claim to learn better based on a single source-type, studies have found that you actually learn best by a multitude of methods. So, in addition to video instruction, web sites, guides, etc., I’m also going to read a few books to help learn R.

After a lot of research, I’ve arrived at two that I’m starting with. The first is R In Action. I’m already on the 2nd chapter and I’m enjoying the style and approach. The other book is Using R for Introductory Statistics. I’m using this book because as I have already picked up, the real trick to learning R is not figuring out the syntax and methodology, but rather understanding the math and the data in support of that math. This book seems to cover those aspects better than the R In Action book.

I’ll post actual reviews of these books when I’m done with them. In the mean time I hope my explorations are proving a little bit useful to those who are starting down the path.


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