Query Performance Tuning in SQL Server

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I have a pre-con coming up at the PASS Summit. You can read about it here. I named it “Query Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2014” because it seemed like a good idea to bring out the aspects of 2014, and we will. But, I need to tell you, this is primarily a session about query performance tuning in SQL Server, full stop. I’m going to cover information that’s applicable all the way back to SQL Server 2000 and 2005. The majority of the information will be applicable to 2008 and up. I’m going to go over the things you can do with dynamic management views to pull information about queries to tune right out of the cache. That’s applicable to more than 2014. We’re also going to go over how and why you should use extended events to more accurately, with less load, capture query metrics on your systems, 2008 on up. We’ll be covering all sorts of common query problems and mechanisms for getting around them so that you’ll be able to fix your code at home. Through it all we’re covering the optimizer, statistics, indexes, constraints, query best practices, pretty much all the things you need to tune your queries.

So, don’t get hooked on that name. Yes, we’re also going to be going over some of the changes to the cardinality estimator and we’re going to discuss in-memory tables and queries and I’ll show you information about updateable columnstore storage. But really, the 2014 stuff is icing on the cake. The majority of the work is going to be good old fundamental query tuning.

If that name has been putting you off, please don’t let it. Go here, register for this event. There are a few seats left.

OK, fine, but what do you think?