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Ever been in a fight? Ever been in one that’s not completely going your way? I’ve done this and seen this in the martial arts and, unfortunately, on the street. As you start to lose the fight, you tend to fold in on yourself. It’s a natural reaction. You’re protecting the vital organs from injury. But, in a fight, it’s actually the wrong thing to do. This is referred to as the defensive crouch. Watch some videos of MMA or fights on the street, or even boxing matches. You’ll see it quick. I think the PASS Board is in a bit of a defensive crouch right now.

I am running for the board. And I have pledged myself, both to myself, and to the PASS organization, to run a positive campaign. So this post is not meant to tear anyone down. In fact, I’m hoping that it builds people up.  So please, bear with me a moment.

The Board has made a number of decisions this year that have stirred up the more vocal part of the community. I agree with some of these decisions and disagree with others, but that’s not the point of this post. We’re talking about the defensive crouch. The Board made these decisions in full good faith. If you don’t believe that, why did you vote these people into office? I believe. They’re trying to do what’s right. Sometimes, they’re dead on. Other times, they’re way off. But what seems to be happening is that the pummeling for their decisions is starting to get the better of them. They’re pulling in, shutting down, protecting the vital organs. Wrong approach.

Come one guys. You believe in the decisions you made or you wouldn’t have made them that way. You think you’re doing what’s right for PASS. Whether or not we agree, instead of protecting your organs, stand up. Counter-punch. The Way of the Intercepting Fist. Don’t look at the finger or you’ll miss all that heavenly glory. In short, be proud of the decisions you’ve made, even if people disagree with them. You are absolutely doing your best, good faith effort for this community. I believe that. You believe it. So get out of the crouch and shout it from the heavens.

Yes, there may be outright mistakes made. Fine. Own them and move on. You’re doing great work. We actually have faith in you to do the right things.  Take that and run with it. Once you’re out of the defensive crouch, things will look better. You’ll feel better. You may still get your bottom kicked, but you’ll feel awesome about your own effort.

Everyone else, keep them honest. Hammer them when you think they’re wrong. But please, acknowledge that they’re trying their damnedest.



  • “Hammer them when you think they’re wrong”? I think some of the problem is the severe pounding people give them when they don’t agree, so that may be a little on the strong side.
    If you don’t agree, by all means say so and explain politely, without the use of caps-lock and numerous exclamation marks.
    I don’t mind people disagreeing with me – they might even be right! Hard to believe, I know. What discourages active participation is abuse and the distance or anonymity of the Internet can encourage that within some people.
    PASS do make mistakes and I haven’t agreed or understood everything they’ve done. They could explain themselves better in a few situations but I too have noticed a more defensive behaviour from them of late. Some of that is probably caused by the confrontational nature of some of the posts to them.

  • My language may be a little strong, but I’m trying to be very clear. I don’t mean to stifle criticism. But I do think the critics must take into account that the people they criticize are operating with the best intentions. I think that gets lost occasionally.

OK, fine, but what do you think?