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A discussion that I’ve frequently had with organizers of SQL Saturday events, our own people here at Red Gate, authors, MVPs, pretty much anyone interested enough to listen for a few minutes, is summed up by “How do we get the word out about the opportunities that the SQL Server community offers?” The question always comes down to, how do we reach people? We tweet. There’s a Facebook page. Discussions are hosted on LinkedIn. Emails are sent out to various distribution lists. Advertising is done on SQL Server Central (with over one million registrants, what else do you have to do?). And yet, at events, I’ll ask, who has heard of PASS and will only get a 50% positive response. Heck, I’ll never forget that at the Charlotte SQL in the City event last fall, when I asked the audience, about 200 people, who was not aware that a few blocks away there were 3,000 people gathered to learn about SQL Server, about 1/3 of the audience did NOT know about the event occurring in their flipping back yard. In short, the communication means we’ve been using, don’t work. What to do? How do we reach those people who just aren’t getting the word?

Here’s a suggestion. Talk to people. No, not online. In person. Here’s a survey from an event, DevOpDays¬†MSP,¬†that asked people, how did you get here. The overwhelming answer is word of mouth. So, how do we get the word out? We need to talk to people. I know you’ve mentioned the community to your co-worker or your friend, but it’s time to do it again. Talk to them. Let them know about the upcoming SQL Saturday or user group meeting. Tell them about Connections and how great your learning opportunities are there. And, here’s the new wrinkle, ask them to pass the word on to some people that they know as well. Look at that survey. Over 50% get the good news by word of mouth. So let’s start leveraging that.

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