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Let’s have some fun.

This Friday, November 1, 2013, I’m putting on an all day seminar on query tuning. It’s set up as a pre-conference event for SQL Saturday 255 in Dallas. It’s a 200 level course on understanding how the query optimizer works, the importance of statistics, constraints and indexes, how to read execution plans, and how to take all that knowledge and go to work on tuning your queries.

Here’s the fun. Sign up for the seminar, and bring a nasty query you’ve been trying to tune or a query you don’t understand or an execution plan that’s making you crazy. Depending on the time available near the end of the day, we’ll walk through a few of them. I’ve slightly restructured the seminar so I have some flexibility near the end to do this. It should be a blast. Don’t bring anything that contains sensitive data because I’m going to put it up on the big board in front of your peers. Also, don’t worry about blame. We all know Timmy wrote that query, not you.

There are only a couple of days left to sign up. If you are in the Dallas area and you want to learn query tuning, and maybe have a giggle along the way, please, click the link and register now.

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