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  • My run-in with WP8 and the Nokia is well documented on my site.

    The biggest problem was the whole sync/contacts thing. I should just be able to see my SIM contacts. Android at least a Google account is not required for pretty much anything – especially if you’re not doing apps (and there are even alternative ways of loading those). I still chuckle at my version of the Start screen which I mention in the comments.

    @Brent – wait until IFA is done. You can use that new Sony thing which adds a real camera to your phone. Basically it’s the RX100 mk II …

  • I saw the Sony lens thing, but it’s horrendously ugly, and I don’t trust Sony’s implementation with iOS devices. Looks like they’re relying on NFC for pairing, and of course the iPhone won’t have that, so it’ll be a menu-fest.

  • James Fogel

    I’m on my second WP and currently have a Nokia 900. I’ll upgrade to WP 8 soon. I really like the interface and Office integration. I also like Nokia phones so for me, it is a perfect match. I don’t care if Instagram is available. I use my phone as a tool, not a toy and it just works.

  • The Lumia 1020 isn’t out over here yet, so I picked up a 925 at the weekend. So far so good, however the lack of expandable media may be an issue moving forward.
    Overall a big improvement on the 800 I had previously.

    I guess MS needed to cull the MCM program to pay for the Nokia handset business 🙂

  • I was looking forward to Lumia 1020 too. I bought my wife a 920 a year ago, though there are a few application compatibility issues. I hope the release of 8.1 will make thing much better. otherwise, Lumia is a beautiful phone. The camera and GPS are awesome. And best of all, the phone, and my surface pro, and my computer will be all working together. fingers crossed.

  • Kimberlim

    I really like my Lumia 920. Came off an iPhone and don’t regret it. The Nokia apps are great too. Camera is superb with Carl Zeiss lens. If I were up for a new phone tomorrow I would buy another Nokia. Oh and the Nokia brand wireless charger puck thing is awesome too.

  • Adam Schoenemann

    I love my lumia 928 on verizon. It’s a nice step up from the 822 I had earlier. Now will my contract be up when verizon will finally get a 1020 variant…I can hope 🙂

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