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You’d think that an event might get a little worn by the third time you’re doing it. That maybe it would be just a repetition of what you’ve done before. And, I guess, in some places, that does happen. But not here. This event was as fresh as it ever was. Maybe it was the beautiful new venue, but I don’t think so. I think it was the crowd. We had a ton of great people show up, more than we expected (awesome and wonderful in and of itself), and they were an engaged, enthusiastic group. Presenting in Europe, as an American, can be quite intimidating. There’s the language issues and all that. But the main thing is that people across the pond tend to get at information a little differently. Frequently while presenting they will sit there nodding their heads, quiet but attentive, however, betraying nothing. You can’t tell if you’re doing a good job, if the joke you told was funny, and if the people are on top of the information. Afterwards, when the queue forms for asking questions you’ll get quite direct and helpful feedback, but during… nothing. Not this time. Everyone was very actively engaged and it made for a great day. I especially loved the final session when I got to share the stage with Gail Shaw (t|b) and Steve Jones (t|b) while we talked about a Day in the Life of a DBA. Thanks guys!

So thanks to all who attended this event. You made it great and wonderful. Sincerely, thank you.

Now. Yanks. We’re bringing this over to our side of the pond again this year. Three locations around the country; Pasadena, Atlanta and Charlotte. Don’t let me down. The London event was made special by the attendees. They brought their A game. We at Red Gate Software will absolutely bring ours, so you do the same. Look forward to seeing you all there. Register early because we regularly fill these events.

OK, fine, but what do you think?