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If you’re over in the UK, or close to it, you’ve probably heard of SQL Bits even if you haven’t attended. If you’re across the pond here in the US or somewhere else you may have heard of SQL Bits, but few of you have gone. Well, let me tell you, from everything I’ve heard, this is a community event you want to find your way to. So, I’m trying. This is my first time submitting to this outstanding event and I really want to go. But, in order to make the cut, I need your help. They base who presents on community feedback. This means you go over and vote. You’ll have to have a SQL Bits login, but if you’re even thinking about attending you’re going to have one of those anyway. I’ve submitted two sessions:

Database Backups for the Accidental DBA


Query Tuning in the Clouds

Read through those abstracts. If you think they’re worthy, please go here and vote for them. You’ll also find there are a huge number of sessions being potentially offered by some of the best speakers in the business. Check it out and vote on your favorites.

OK, fine, but what do you think?