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I installed HDInsight with no errors. The install is so brain-dead, I couldn’t see how there could be errors. But, I decided to fire up the service to start playing with it. That’s when I hit the errors. First up, I was getting logon errors for the Hadoop service itself. I tried resolving them manually, but was digging a hole. So, I uninstalled, and reinstalled, figuring I had missed an error message somewhere along the line. After this install, I didn’t get logon errors. Instead I got internal errors. Some more investigation and it appears that the service was marked for deletion. The uninstall worked, but somehow wasn’t complete. Yay! So, I did another uninstall after rebooting the server. Install #4 coming up. ¬†And we’re back to logon errors. Specifically:

Starting IsotopeJS services
Starting isotopejs
System error 1069 has occurred.

The service did not start due to a logon failure.

Let’s check the logs, if any. Nothing in the c:\Hadoop directory. Checking the system logs to see if there’s anything there. Nothing I can see. No joy. I’ll go through it all again tonight.

OK, fine, but what do you think?