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I’m working through some code that I haven’t touched recently and I’m running it for the first time on a SQL Server 2012 server. The code is a way to load information into the RML utilities and I started hitting errors. First, I hit an error that my server couldn’t be connected to, but thanks to Erin Stellato (blog|twitter), I was able to quickly fix that. Then I hit this:

That’s right, the trace header shows the version it was captured with and the 2012 version doesn’t work with RML Utilities. I’ve tried several different ways of defining the trace collection, but the header doesn’t seem to be something you can control. I’ve also tried opening it in an editor and finding the right bit of code to change (it’s just a trace file after all) but no luck there either.


Firing up some older hardware now in order to get at a 2008R2 or earlier server. I’ve already upgraded all my servers & virtuals.


OK, fine, but what do you think?