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Yeah, it’s that time again. And we have a magnificent slate of people running. I mean truly amazing and wonderful people. I personally know each and every one of them. I’ve worked with them or watched them work on projects over the years. PASS has a true embarrassment of riches this time. Which… is problematic for me. I know them all. I respect them all, but I have to pick and choose… I can’t do it. I really can’t. Yeah, I’ll finally vote. I ultimately put pen to paper (or, really, click on some boxes on the screen) and make my mark. I believe in democratic processes and every vote really does count. And if you’re voting, regardless of who you vote for, your vote is not “thrown away.” That only happens when you choose not to vote.


Despite the internal struggle, I am going to call out one person from that list. Allen Kinsel (blog|twitter) has been a good friend for a very long time. Every single person on that slate is going to do a great job if elected. But I’m calling out Allen because he has an unusually strong passion for PASS. He really does. He cares. And I don’t know if Allen is going to do a better job than all the other great people on that slate. But I do know that he’s bringing serious and real passion to the position. Being a rather passion driven person myself, I respect that and feel it needs to be acknowledged. And again, I’m not questioning the other candidates. I couldn’t, can’t, won’t. They’re great people. I’m just acknowledging one trait, in one candidate, that I feel singles him out, a little. And based on the candidates, we really are down to looking for tiny distinctions at this point.

Best of luck making your own choices. But make sure you do make a choice and vote.


  • Hey Grant,

    Thanks for the kind words and just so you know no hard feelings :).

    Allen is a great guy who I’ve got to know a little over the last year. He’s put in a fantastic shift this year for PASS. He lives and breathes it. Not only on his chapters portfolio but also in support of the global growth portfolio. He’s been a great help to me and I’ve been grateful to him for his support. If I end up not getting elected and Allen does then I will at least be able to console myself with the knowledge that the community is in safe hands. He’s a top guy and a good choice.

    Cheers, JRJ

  • Don’t worry. I want to vote for you too. I really don’t know what I’m going to do when it comes to time to select.

    Thank you for making the choices so difficult.

    …And, why did you guys have to make the choices so difficult?

  • The fact that you feel its a tough choice is actually really reassuring. For once I don’t feel bad about being part of a group giving you a tough choice to make 🙂

    To me the most important thing is that people vote. You hit the nail on the head there Grant.

    Whatever happens in this election I am very confident that those elected, together with the rest of the board, will continue to do their best to move the community forward in a positive and constructive fashion.

    I really hope I am part of that team.

    Cheers, JRJ

  • I want you to win. Unfortunately, I can say that about everyone there. It’s just killing me. First time I’ve had to think about my vote on a PASS ballot. I usually just immediately name the three people I’m going to vote for. This time… I just don’t know. You’ll be great if you win.

  • Grant,
    Dont know what to say other than im humbled and thank you for the vote of confidence. It surely means more to me than you’ll know. I now only hope I can keep up my end of the bargain.

    This years slate is considerably better than any I can remember in the recent past. I think this is a testament to growth in the organization, now if only there were 12 great candidates instead of 5 I’d truly feel like we’ve accomplished a goal. No matter what happens with the election as long as people vote, our community will be well served

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