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I can’t help it. I get really terribly excited when I publish a book. Maybe it should be old hat. Maybe I should be jaded. But I’m just a 12 year old (it’s been argued 10) in reality so I get really, really jumping up & down excited when I get that wad of paper and my name is on the cover. It just doesn’t seem to get old.

What am I talking about? Oh, sorry. Let me explain.

After about nine months of work, my new, revised edition, of the Query Performance Tuning book is available. I want to publicly, and loudly, thank Joe Sack(blog|twitter) for the incredible job he did as tech editor. His hard work, and ruthless criticism, made this book what it is. Despite the scar tissue, thank you Joe. I also want to thank the series editor, Jonathan Gennick (blog), for once again placing any faith in me at all. Thanks for the opportunity Jonathan.

Please let me know what you think of it, assuming you pick up a copy. I think it should prove very helpful. At least I sure hope it is. And I’m toldĀ the printing errors have been fixed.

And, as a reminder, I’m going to be hosting an all day pre-conference seminar this fall at the PASS Summit 2012 that will be entirely based on the book. The name of the session is Query Performance Tuning: Start to Finish. I’d suggest registering for the Summit now. The savings can help pay for the seminar.


OK, fine, but what do you think?