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For some reason, which isn’t completely clear to me, we’re voting for part of the members of the Nomination Committee who will work their buns off (make no mistake, this is not a glamor posting) to pick and choose from the people applying to be possible candidates for the PASS Board to arrive at a final slate. This voting opens today, although you can’t seem to vote from the web site, but have to wait for an email to show up (not yet in my Inbox). Regardless of the confusion I feel about this, I’m going to vote for the people I think will do a good job. You should too if you’re a member of PASS. I know almost every one of these people personally. Any of them will do a good job. That said, each one brings a different point of view and approach to the table. If you don’t know them, read through their bio’s and make your choices. Your vote does matter.

Voting starts today, June 13 2012, and continues through June 22 2012. Be sure you make your voice heard. Vote!


  • Joseph Fleming

    Grant, I think voting on the nomcom members was done because of the appearance of bias in having the current board select the nominating committee members. In this way, the community can select the folks who are vetting candidates for the Board.

  • Oh, OK. Maybe that should have been stated, just so poor schmucks like me that aren’t tracking it closely would have known why. Doesn’t change my basic message though. These are good people. Select the one you think will best represent your interests or the interests of PASS. Vote.

OK, fine, but what do you think?