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Just a reminder that there are a few seats left for SQL In The City: LA on the 28th of October. It’s a free event put on by Red Gate Software. I’ll be speaking there. But much better than that, you can listen to, and interact with, Steve Jones, Brad McGehee, Ike Ellis, Aaron Nelson, and ta-da, Denny Cherry, and double-super ta-da, Kalen Delaney (line forms behind me to talk to Kalen), plus the developers and program managers from Red Gate software that will be there.

Take a Friday off work and go get your learn-on. Show your boss the agenda. I guarantee they’ll let you go. Click here to register.

You know what else? If you pick up a copy of MVP Deep Dives II before the event, I’ll bet you it won’t take much cajoling to get autographs from some of the authors and editors.

Let me list it out: Red Gate, MVPs, Free Training, Great Networking, Books, Cool Software, Red Gate Pale Ale…

See you there!

OK, fine, but what do you think?