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I’ve been playing a lot with Google+ and the Hangouts there. I love them. I think they’re opening up a whole new way of interacting and building community. Today Andy Leonard (blog|twitter) and Ken Watson (blog|twitter) were trying out the new features in G+, including desktop sharing. We were talking about how great this was and suddenly the idea of short, sharp training for small groups of people that can interact came into being. Andy termed it MicroTraining, and an idea was born.

So, Friday, 9/23/2011, at 11:00AM EDT, I’ll host a Google+ hangout. It will be public and accessible to anyone. I’ll make it one of the Air ones that gets recorded. That means that 10 people can attend & ask questions, but an unlimited number can watch.

It’s an experiment.

Please stop by. I’ll be going over a couple of slides from an upcoming presentation, Performance Tuning Checklist, that I’ll be putting on at the Connections conference that takes place in November. Please stop by.

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