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If you’re attending the PASS Summit this October, I’d like to make a suggestion. The Summit itself is only three days long, Wednesday to Friday. But, if you have to travel any distance to get there, you’re going to miss work on Tuesday as well. Why not take a whole week away and spend Monday with Gail Shaw (blog|twitter) and me?

The reason I ask is because Gail and I are putting together 7 hours of information all about execution plans. We’re going to be presenting this information on Monday at the Summit as a pre-conference seminar. Yes, you’ll have to pay extra to attend this session. But if you register for the Summit now, there’s still a discount, which you can put towards to the seminar. And, seriously now, didn’t you want to learn more about execution plans? This is your chance.

Gail is an acknowledged SQL Server expert who writes and speaks regularly about execution plans and query performance tuning. If you read this blog at all, you might notice the occasional post about execution plans. Plus there’s the book on execution plans and the one on query tuning . Come on! You really do want to attend our session.

Even if you’ve already registered for the PASS Summit, you can still add a pre-conference seminar to your registration. If you don’t like learning about execution plans, there are lots of other good seminars to pick from (I’d recommend considering Rob Farley’s (blog|twitter) session even though he can be slightly backwards when it comes to execution plans [kidding]).

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