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ImSpeakingThe Rally is next week. It’s not too late to register. This is going to be a very solid event with excellent opportunities for learning and networking. If you’re on the fence about going, don’t be. You should attend.

I even have a few (somewhere near 10) slots open in my pre-conference seminar, Query Performance Tuning: Start to Finish. I’ve been working on hard on this presentation and showing pieces of it to various user groups around the country. The reception so far has been very good.

If you want a seven hour brain dump on the ins and outs of performance tuning your queries, I strongly recommend it. Since there are still openings, you can get in, but I’d act quickly. Not because they’re all likely to fill, but because, it takes place in one week’s time. You need to plan for the trip.

Once you’re in town, you should stay of course for the next two days. There are going to be tons of fun things to do, people to learn from, other to talk to, sessions to attend. You might not want to missing the lightening talks either. I’m going to do one called “Testing Your Backups: A Rant.” You won’t want to miss it. There are going to be a bunch of evening events too, so we’re really stretching out the cost of registration. There will be only one reason to go back to your hotel, and that’s to pass out in preparation for the next day.

OK, fine, but what do you think?