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After all the conversations at FreeCon last week (more on that later, when I’ve assimilated it better), I finally decided to make some changes. The list of things I’m hitting is extremely long, but I’m going to be going through them a few at a time. First, and easiest, was getting moved off the WordPress domain to my own, hosted, domain.

You’re seeing the results. This is the new ScaryDBA blog. I suspect the theme may change once or twice over the next week, but basically, all the functionality that has been added, better feeds, conversation tracking, other stuff, will remain.

Thank you for visiting in the past. I intend to provide you with plent of reasons to visit in the future.


    • Grant Fritchey

      Thanks AJ.

      It’s still an ongoing process. I suspect I’m going to have to completely rebuild it because the Theme I have now is not displaying white space on the posts to make them readable. The fun never stops. But, I have gained a level of control over the blog that I never had before, so it’s worth it.

OK, fine, but what do you think?