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I’m flying off to the SQL Server Magazine Connections part of DevConnections in Las Vegas later this afternoon. I’m presenting three sessions while I’m there, Wednesday & Thursday. I’m hanging around on Friday. Please track me down if you want to chat. Wednesday I’ll be putting on “Scouting Out Execution Plans” in the morning, 9:30-10:45AM. Thursday I’ve got two sessions, “MUQT: More Unnecessary Query Tuning” from 8:00-9:15AM (which should be a lot of fun at a developers conference), and “DMV’s for Performance Tuning” from 11:45-1:00PM. I’ve brought bribery material (signed books) to encourage interaction, so please stop by, ask questions, make comments, just don’t throw things (except for money).

I’ll blog a recap of each day from my point of view. I won’t be live-blogging the key notes because I’m not registered as press for this event, so I can be lazy. 

Please let me know where the parties are at night so I can eat for free. I look forward to meeting with you.


  • kristian Kaufmann

    Hi Grant!!
    I loved your session att Devconnections i Las Vegas about the
    DMV:s , now I would like to know when and where you will post the scripts and slides fom the session ?? Thanxs Man You Rock!! I learned A LOT from your session , but as I commented in your session , “You have to know what and where to look for this info ” … :O) And your scripts would initially help alot in ways to determine peoblems , Cause we are a DBA team that takes care of somewhat 1500 databases and ALL are different customers and a wide range of SQL servers on different platforms , 2000, 2003, 2008 , 32 and 64 bit … so perhaps you see the complexiity of our enviorment … :O)
    Tanxs a again !! Regards Kristian /from Sweden

  • scarydba


    Thanks for coming to session. I’m glad you found it useful. Thanks for stopping by the blog too. On the main page of the blog, scroll down the pages section and select the page called Dynamic Management Object Resources. That currently has the older version of the slides & code. I’ll get the newer stuff up soon.

  • AussieRock

    Grant I enjoyed your session More Unecessary query tuning but could not located the powerpoint slides anywhere. I woul;d really like to get them if possible thanks – Rick

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