PASS Summit 2009 Key Note 2

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Patrick Ortiz from Dell, the platinum sponsor for the PASS Summit.

The goal will be to discuss the Dell Microsoft Practice, Configuration Management, Disaster Recovery and Consolidation. The MS Practice team has server tools, messaging & communications and collaboration & databases. Lots of work going on there.The see the CM, DR & Consolodation as linking cogs, if you trust the slide. They want to start implementing CM management systems. He’s driving the data suggested with Asset Data and physical server information. Then you drill down and collect SQL Server information followed by drilling down further to collect DB info. He’s gone on to show some of the benefits of CM. The idea behind CM is so that, once you’ve defined your servers, you can define disaster recovery and start looking into server consolidation. I hate to say this, but this is really the equivalent of eating your vegetables. This is pretty dull stuff. A key note needs to be a little more exciting than this. Show us some hardware, show us some flashing lights, some screens, something. It’s early in the morning. More.

OK, fine, but what do you think?