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It’s just a week and a couple of days before I’ll be hopping a plane for Seattle and the 2009 PASS Summit. I’m as excited about this one as I was my first summit, maybe more so. I’m going to get to see a bunch of friends that I only see once a year and hopefully meet in person people I’ve only interacted with online. A very large part of the PASS Summit is networking. I’d like to meet people who actually read my fumbling attempts at understanding how SQL Server works and how to best work with it. If you’d like to have a chat, there are a lot places to track me down:

  • Monday, most of the day I’ll be going to various PASS meetings, so if you’re a volunteer, look me up.
  • Monday, I’ll be at the networking training too. That should be useful.
  • Monday night, the reception, of course
  • Monday night, the SSC party, again, of course
  • Tuesday I’ll be doing two presentations, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (but don’t talk to me after the morning one, I have to get to my next assignment)
  • Tuesday I’ll be hosting a table (although I’ll get there a little late because of my presentation) at the MVP Birds of a Feather lunch.
  • Tuesday night I’ll be at a party or parties
  • Wednesday is kilt day at the summit. I’ll be one of the guys wearing a skirt.
  • Wednesday night I’m pretty sure I’ll be at the Solid Quality Mentors┬áparty, but I may make others
  • Thursday, I’m not sure, but I’ll bet something is going on. Maybe I’ll be able to make a seesion or two.
  • Thursday night, Friends of Red Gate and I wouldn’t miss it.
  • Friday, I’ll be around, attending some sessions
  • Friday night, another party that I wouldn’t miss.

Some of the parties are by invitation only, so track down someone you know from those organizations to get in (not me, I don’t have weight with anyone).

I’m also a square in the Twitter Bingo game, so there’s incentive to track me down and thump me until I give up my password.

I’m jazzed. The Summit is coming. See you there.

OK, fine, but what do you think?