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I haven’t done well with this. I missed a post. I missed a bunch of workouts. I put on weight. Basically #ActiveAugust for me was one giant bag of FAIL. Anyway, I finished up the week with a couple of days teaching karate. I did workouts before class, including a tabata on the heavy bag and just general calisthenics, shadow boxing and¬†practicing techniques. I got my chainsaw back from repairs today. I cut & split wood for about 2 1/2 hours. Final weight 201 from a start of 194. That’s +7 in four weeks. Not good. Is the next month going to be #StarvationSeptember? That’s what I need.


  • Mark

    I hear ya! I took off 30 then gained back 10 over the past 5 mos. need to get back on track!

    At least for me, exercise without controlling the diet didnt’ work.

  • scarydba

    Yeah, it’s the diet. I didn’t get as active in ActiveAugust as I meant to, or should have, but it’s just the diet. We’ll see how StarvationSeptember goes.

OK, fine, but what do you think?