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I think the Professional Association of SQL Server users (PASS) is an extremely important organization for SQL Server DBA’s. Even if you’re not a member, you’ve never attended the Summit, gone to a local chapter meeting, read the magazine (while it was in print), took part in the special interest groups, or even read the technical articles available on the web site, you know, or work with, someone who has. What’s more, the people who get involved with PASS are the ones that are growing and expanding. PASS members are the ones that are becoming leaders in the industry. PASS members influence the direction Microsoft takes with its products. PASS, it’s members and volunteers, foster and grow the speakers, teachers, writers and MVP’s that are showing you how to perform your craft as a DBA or developer in better, faster, stronger ways. Even if you’ve never been directly involved with PASS, you’re involved with PASS.

Why am I bringing this up? Because the nominations are open for the PASS Board of Directors. They need strong, invested individuals to help move this organization, that you’re using, in the right direction. If you know someone that you really think can make a difference in this organization, you need to put their name forward. Further, you need to make sure you vote on the Board members that you think will most positively affect the organization. I understand, from people who participated in past elections, that it’s frequently only a very few votes separating the winners from the losers. You can make a real difference by nominating and then voting for the people that will keep this thing running, and running the right way. Get out there and make it happen.

 On a side note, one or two times I’ve seen my name come up as a possible candidate. My current position is completely in line with William Tecumseh Sherman; I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected. Not yet anyway. I’m still struggling to keep my local users group going (I need speakers by the way, please). If I can’t keep that afloat, what business do I have running something as large, and as important, as PASS? None.


  • As I get more involved with my local user group, now in charge of finding speakers, I can empathize.

    Still think you’d be a good PASS Board member, but understand why you wouldn’t want to do it right now.

  • It’s hard keeping a local group afloat. Been doing it for three years now. We’ve lined up some great speakers, but attendance is hit or miss. That’s one of the frustrating parts of serving. You know it’s voluntary, but you wish folks would show up more, especially when you get someone who has traveled quite a way to speak. Getting folks to step up has been difficult, too. I’m quite glad this year we’ve added three folks who have really helped out and shared the load. Don’t know if I could survive without them.

  • scarydba

    Thanks Jack. It says something for people to suggest it and I appreciate it (even if it’s wrong).

    Yeah, running a user group isn’t easy. I’m not exactly killing myself to keep mine going, but I am putting out effort and it’s not easy, especially, as Brian says, when your turnout is poor. But still, occasionally you get someone who says “thanks” or you see a couple of people really learning something they might not have otherwise, and that’s your reward. It’s worth it.

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