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Well, actually, these are the guidelines for submitting anything to SQLPASS, but it includes the guidelines for SQL Server Standard. If you’re considering submitting an abstract (and please, don’t consider it, do it) read through there for the basic information.

I’ve accepted six different abstracts so far on a variety of topics. It’s going to be some good stuff from some really smart people. A sampling of topics includes; expanded use of tally tables (table of numbers), designing partitioning schemes (I’m looking forward to this one), multi-level SSIS project dependency and communication, how to read and interpret execution plans (not by me), and a full description on triggers.

We need more. If you’ve got writing experience, please, write an article for SQL Server Standard. Abstracts are all that is required to get going. You can send them to grant.fritchey@sqlpass.org.

OK, fine, but what do you think?