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This year at SQL Connections, there will be a new track, the SQL Server Central track (scroll down). I’ve been honored to be selected to present two different sessions on that track, MUQt or More Unecessary Query tuning (pronounced MUCK) and Scouting Out Execution Plans. I’m on a list with a bunch of speakers that… well, WOW is all I can say. I almost wish I wasn’t presenting (almost) so I can just attend their sessions & learn stuff. Anyway, for those that won’t or can’t make the PASS Summit in Seattle, I hope I catch up with you in Las Vegas (where I’m told that anything that happens will remain in place, or something, is it a transaction rollback do you think?).


  • Wow is right. I feel very small being on that page with the names that are there. And I’m with you. I almost wish I wasn’t presenting to soak up the knowledge that will be delivered there. The sessions I’ll be giving means there will be session timeslots where there are presentations going on I won’t be able to attend!

  • scarydba

    Not to mention starting every presentation with “So you guys couldn’t get in to see Paul/Itzik/Gert/Kimberly/Joe/Steve/Andrew/Adam/Brad…”

    Still. Who cares. It’ll be fun.

  • scarydba

    And use the phrase “fiber optic laser beam assembler” at some point in every presentation.

    “So this execution plan comes together like it came out of a fiber optic laser beam assembler.”

  • scarydba

    Yeah, I think we should. I just put it in an article I submitted to Steve. It’s a nice little Thread catch phrase. Jeff might consider a form of ring knocking though.

  • It’s not ring knocking. We’re not boasting or showing off. It’s kinda more a ‘code word’. Those who were in on the original joke get a laugh, others will either not notice or, if they’re curious can ask.

OK, fine, but what do you think?