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I’ve posted several times about how useful I find Microsoft Connect. I’ve seen issues introduced there get resolved through hot fixes and service packs. I sincerely believe it’s a very important tool in your arsenal to get the kind of service you need from Microsoft. Here’s a post on Connect that’s trying to make Connect itself easier to use. I’d strongly recommend you swing by and vote positively for this.

And for those who are unclear, click on the stars to submit your vote.


  • shapemetrics

    I wrote an article about Connect a few months ago. They resolve issues at a snails pace and almost impossible to find correct place to submit a bug.

    Even if it is the correct location they either don’t fix most of them or just leave them open for a year or better. Besides that some things like C# GetSubDirectories function on an existing directory returns the inccrrectly however they say it is by design… arg get it right already;

  • scarydba

    They’ve revamped it recently. I’m not sure if it’s better or not, but it is different. To a degree, I think it’s luck of the draw if they fix things or not. I went through a streak of seeing the ones I was most interested in fixed, quick & seamless. I recently had one that was posted almost a year ago closed without further comment. It’s not perfect, but I still do, on the whole, find it useful.

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