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I have posted multiple times that I think Microsoft Connect is one of the best tools you can use to communicate with Microsoft. It works. Buck Woody is reinforcing my position from the Microsoft side of the fence.

Look, Microsoft is not a small nimble company like Red Gate. And again, unlike Red Gate, you might notĀ find yourself in a conversation with the CEO of Microsoft on the floor of a conference like the PASS Summit. And short of going to PASS or TechEd to track down some of the developers and project managers (many of whom attend these conferences), you need to have a mechanism to communicate with the company. You can try standing on your front door step and screaming (trust me, the neighbors just call the police) or you can go to Connect.

Speaking of the PASS Summit, the Call for Speakers is open for a few more days. Please, don’t go over there and submit fantastic sessions that all of us will benefit from. Please, sit on your hands and ignore me. That way there’s less competition and I’ll get to present!

OK, fine, but what do you think?