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In case you don’t read the Connector when it comes out (and delete it like I used to), they’ve announced that the call for speakers is going to open on March 20th and close on April 3rd. No links to the web site yet. That will be in the Connector and on the PASS web site when they open it.

I’ve got three presentations that I’m putting in. I hope everyone else is ready with theirs.


  • Yeah, I’m getting mine ready too. I’ve been studying up on it, including listening to Greg Low’s video on presenting. Great stuff, but it present’s a problem: His number one point was “Get A Mentor”. All well and good, but were do I find one?

    Specifically, were do I find a mentor for the submissions process? I am pretty good with all of the other parts of presenting, plus I have plenty of time, but PASS & their submission & review process I know nothing about. And I am not sure if I even know anybody who knows this stuff really well.

    Any ideas for me, Grant? 🙂

  • scarydba

    I wish I was the one who could help. I guess I’m doing OK. I’ve submitted twice and got accepted once, but from talking to the committee, it was a squeaker of an acceptance.

    Please, feel free to send me your summary. I’ll look it over and probably steal it. Or maybe I’ll send it back with any suggestions I can come up with.

    I do have a tip regarding tracks that I understand is pretty good. I’ll send that one to you in private.

  • Would you be willing to look over mine as well?

    So far I’m 0 for 3 on submissions. I only spoke last year cause someone pulled out last second.

  • scarydba

    Of course.

    Chances are great that you’ll get in this year though. You’re an MVP and you spoke last year AND you had good reviews. You’re practically signed up now.

  • Providing I find an hour or so to write up the submissions. I haven’t even started.

    Got an article due two days ago, a presentation due sunday and 2 clients who want my undivided attention.

    I need a vacation.

  • scarydba

    I don’t really have mine entirely put together either. Ah well, I’ll wing it like I’ve done before. I wouldn’t mind if either of you would look mine over too. Submissions open today at noon. I’m already nervous.

OK, fine, but what do you think?