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I just got a book in the mail from a friend, Todd Robinson, who was the technical editor. The name of the book is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration. The book was written by Ross Mistry and Hilary Cotter. I don’t know Ross Mistry and I think I met Hilary Cotter once, although I know who he is. However, since Todd was involved, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a high-end, must read. I just started and the initial chapter’s discussion on using Windows Server 2008 sparked a few questions for my local admin team. I’m looking forward to more.

Thanks Todd.


  • scarydba

    You might want to swing by SQL Server Central (www.sqlservercentral.com) and post that same question. You’re likely to get a lot more people helping out.

    First, check your error log to see if it shows anything. Second, run a consistency check to see what it reports (DBCC CHECKDB). After that, depending on the information you found, there are lots of different options.

OK, fine, but what do you think?