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I visited at three. I went to the Opening Night Reception hosted by the SIGs of course. I kept score in the quiz bowl (I wasn’t informed math would be involved). Nice enough party. It was a big room, but we mostly filled it up. Went over to the SQL Server Central party next. Steve still puts on a nice shindig. I tried finding other SQL Server Central posters, but didn’t track any others down except for GilaMonster (Gail Shaw). I put all my money on the craps table, 30:1, a single roll of the dice. I guess there is a reason those odds are so high. I had an invite to the Solid Quality Mentors party, so I went over there. It was a little overly crowded (I almost knocked over one poor woman who shot daggers out of her eyes at me for the rest of the night). I got a chance to talk with a few people who I’d never met before and spent a little time with Itzik (is my nose still brown?). Nice guy as well as scary smart. Allen White, Adam Machanic, and Martin Schmidt (tall, good gosh he must be nearly 7 feet).

This morning, off to the Summit. Presenting at 3PM.

OK, fine, but what do you think?