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Finally arrived in Seattle. The airline, to remain nameless (UNITED), didn’t get my luggage on my flight (or anyone else flying out of Providence). Yay!

Checked in to the hotel and registered at the Summit. The bag this year is disappointing in the extreme. They’re clearly cutting costs, but, if it goes towards more speakers, presentations, better food, it’s worth it.  Nice shirt though. Not a t-shirt this year, it’s a golf shirt. I can wear that to work. Useful.

Since I’m presenting, I got a speaker’s gift. It’s wicked cool. A 128gb mobile drive, engraved with PASS & my name. I expected a clock of some other equally useless chochki. I’m very happy to have something functional.

Usual bag full of ads & flyers. The final issue of the SQL Server Standard is included. Chuck finally published my article on TOP vs. MAX. It’s all good.

There’s a lot of activity on twitter. Look for #sqlpass or #pass.


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