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This sounds like it might have been an interesting phone call. Just the sound of it points out why I think Andy would be a great addition to the board (along with someone else I know. I’ll start lobbying for him when I find out whether or not he’s on the ballot this year). He has ideas.

Now, I don’t mind working. I’ll certainly pitch in and help out. I even lead efforts. I don’t have ideas. Andy clearly does. If no other concept stood out, the ninety days & out approach to trying out some new stuff in PASS sounded like a great idea.

It would have been interesting to listen in to the phone call. I’m also impressed with the method of vetting people for the board. I agree that we need to make sure people are actively involved with SQL Server and are capable of meeting basic board requirements, but it almost sounds like there is a “does he fit in with us” mentality that, I’m not sure there should be on a board like this. Maybe I’m wrong, but on a team like this, having some differing points of view and approaches is probably worth more than the friction it will cause costs. Then again, I’m not in management. I’m just a geek.


  • Great idea – not only would I want to hear the taped call, I would want to hear all of the nominees’ taped calls side-to-side to hear what their answers were – or even transcripts. That’d help me cast a more informed vote.

  • scarydba

    Well, I’m not sure that’s exactly what I meant. I just would have liked to have heard Andy’s in particular. I’ve only worked with him a little bit, two days back in August, but one thing was clear in two days time. When Andy thought something was, bad, wrong or inadequate, he said it was bad, wrong or inadequate. I think it would have been a good conversation to listen to.

  • I’ll have to think on that. I think posting the recording or transcript might encourage a certain amount of playing to the crowd, and there’s some value in having the actual questions remain undisclosed (you wouldn’t post all your interview questions for candidates to review would you?). But the part that is missing from PASS that the recording idea speaks to is ‘how do I know who to vote for?’. Once the board vets candidates, all you get is a picture and a bio. No positions, no record of achievements (or lack of) for incumbents. People end up voting for who they know, or just guessing because of lack of information. Not the best system.

OK, fine, but what do you think?