Andy Warren for PASS Board?

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Andy posted the question more than a week ago. I need to pay more attention to his blog. In my opinion, the answer isn’t yes and it isn’t hell yes. It’s **** YES! For cryin’ out loud!

I totally respect his feelings of being overwhelmed and busy. I’m there too. I’ve completely overcomitted, so I understand. But Andy Warren just strikes me as one of those really smart, capable guiys. You know who they are. They walk in to situations and things just improve. I think he can do two things, only one of which I could do. I think he’ll help PASS deliver on it’s promise, working with the other board members. I also think he’s likely to have a few good ideas (something I’m extremely short on) that will make a difference for the PASS organization and the community as a whole. I say this because Andy has already so profoundly affected the SQL Server community with his invovement in so many different undertakings.

That’s my 1.5 cents. Follow the link above to Andy’s blog and give him some encouragement.

OK, fine, but what do you think?