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Finally, the PASS Summit schedule has been posted. I’m presenting on Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 4:15pm. Unfortunately, Gert Drapers is presenting at the same time. So my one hope/fear that he would be in the audience is gone.

I did a dry-run on the presentation last night at the SNESSUG meeting. It went over well, but it was a bit short at 53 minutes. I realized after I was done that there was a bit structure missing from the presentation, so I was able to add a couple of slides that allows me to describe the methods I’m going to employ and why and then summarize at the end of each section. It seemed to be well received. No one fell asleep or walked out. I even saw a couple of people taking notes. The one piece of feedback I received was to focus a bit on the “why’s” of what I’m doing so that people better understand the all the “how’s” that I’m describing.

The good news is, that I’ve been able to get the compound project structure within the GDR of VSDB to work well. Using this mechanism makes incremental deployments possible as well as being able to deploy to different environments.


  • scarydba

    I said it before, if I get five people and all five fill out a positive evaluation, I’ll be happy with that.

    I’d hate to be scheduled opposite Itzik. You’d literally feel the wind blowing as the oxygen was sucked out of the room. I’ve probably missed your presentations too.

    Hey Gail, I’ll be there and… oh, well, yeah, I’ll be a brain dead zombie too.

OK, fine, but what do you think?