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I’m trying to come up with some ideas for an article (or six) on SQL Server 2008. I know I’m getting about 40 views a day on this blog. That must translate to about 20 users (the statistics on this site aren’t clear, so I’m guessing). Do any of you have any good questions about new functionality in SQL Server 2008? I’ve been thinking about looking at sparse columns and filtered indexes or maybe the spatial data types. Those are the topics I’m most excited about as a database developer and designer. If I think about it in terms of being an admin, policy management, the data collector, and those types of new functionality are very interesting. I’m not even sure what’s new in the BI space.

So, if you’re one of twenty people reading this, leave a comment. What interests you? What concerns you? If you’re interested in something, I’m pretty sure more people are.


  • Hi Again,

    Each role (DBA, Dev, BI) has their ‘key’ features in each new SQL Server release and certainly SQL Server 2008 is no different. For BI (my area), the following new features are ‘key’ to me (off the top of my head):
    -Change Data Capture
    -AMO Warnings
    -Backup/Restore Enhancements in SSAS
    -Attribute Relationships in SSAS
    -Data Profiling Task in SSIS
    -SSRS Dundas Integration, HTTP.SYS usage (no IIS req’d), overal new server architecture…Word Rendeder too I guess

    As a side note, having written several articles allready on SQL 2008 here are some side ideas/topics which dont seem to get enough coverage:
    -SSAS/SSIS/SSRS upgrade & migration
    -Deprecated Features & Discontinued Features, see my short post on this at


  • scarydba

    To V.M.

    Yes. Absolutely. But I’m interested in what others are seeing and what questions they have. That can help drive where I go. For example, I saw a number of people asking how to deal with large execution plans. Since this is something that I did all the time, I decided to quantify a lot of what I did and that became an article. I wouldn’t have thought of writing the article until I saw the questions. That’s the type of thing I was going for.

  • scarydba

    Hello Derek,

    Thanks for the comment. That is some useful information.

    CDC is pretty cool for the transactional side of things too. Same thing with MERGE. I’ve heard buzz that says you guys on the BI side of things are the biggest winners with the 2008 release.

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