VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR: More First Impressions

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Because I was having so many problems yesterday after I tried doing everything at once, creating multiple deployments to multiple servers with a variety of different settings… Anyway, it didn’t work. So today I went back to square one. I created a blank project.  Yesterday I used the schema compare to capture the database, but today I right clicked on the project and found “Import Database Objects and Settings…” which did it all for me. Yee Ha!

Anyway, after getting all the objects in, I started trying to deploy. This time I got errors on FK’s. It somehow changed the order on the compound keys columns. While editing, I found that if I messed up the syntax and then saved the file, I didn’t get an instantaneous error. That bummed me out. I got used to that in the original Visual Studio. Anyway, I fixed all the FK errors and now I got the deploy to work. I’m now going to walk through creating custom configurations one step a time to see where the deployment stops working.

OK, fine, but what do you think?