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Redgate has released a new product, SQL Clone. I’ve already talked about how excited I am about it. Now, it’s your turn to get excited.

Our developers evidently had too much time on their hands after building SQL Clone. They created a skill in Alexa that lets you clone a database using voice commands. In fact, I was recently visiting Redgate HQ and was able to try it out and you can watch here.

Now, in celebration of the launch of SQL Clone, we want to enable you to do some voice commands of your own. We’re giving away five Amazon Echo Dots and one copy of SQL Clone to an overall winner. To enter, go into the comments and let us know what skill you would like to build for Alexa (you don’t have to actually do it). You may want to automate provisioning a development server, refresh your QA instance, or simulate a launch of all the nukes, any of this through voice commands. Just let me know in the comments below and you’ll be entered into the contest.

I think that SQL Clone is going to rapidly expand the kind of work you can do within your Database Lifecycle Management processes in support of DevOps. Download a copy and try it out for 14 days to see if I’m right.

Contest terms and conditions.


  • Erin Ramsay

    Alexa, turn on the shower to 100 degrees and when it’s ready turn on the coffee maker and notify me (while I hit snooze and get a few more minutes of sleep)

  • davethewaveusmc

    Alexa, build operations and deploy to test. Notify the user community when completed. Oh, Alexa, do not forget to restart the print spoolers while your at it.

  • josh

    Alexa: please identify all user queries containing “nolock” or “read_uncommitted” and drop those users from the SQL Instance then log into their Amazon accounts and order 2 tons of creamed corn for overnight delivery to their homes.

  • Alexa to receive alerts from monitoring tools and audibly alert when a performance condition/security alert/any alert happens that is deemed critical. Then with said functionality be able to tell Alexa to acknowledge the alert.

  • Randall Petty

    SqlClone — considering this if our Netapp Flexclone option doesn’t materialize. What about other Redgate products? We’ve been using Quest Spotlight and Foglight for quite a while but I’m open to jumping to another line.

  • Julie Yates

    I would create a skill for Alexa, so that she can find and maybe even book the best flights and hotels possible, within a certain budget, to a preferred destination, with a set of preferred parameters and maybe even with an itinerary. It would save hours of trawling holidays sites and leave more time for relaxing and coffee!! *upgrade planning and house chores*

  • JK

    Alexa, run a mandatory full security audit and performance analysis on all instances and databases, auto-correct and report, then go wash my car.

  • TJ

    I’d keep Alexa in my kitchen and have her keep track of what I have in my fridge, freezer, cupboards etc. I’d get Alexa to order items for home delivery when they’re running low or the use by date is about to expire. I’d also use Alexa’s knowledge of what I currently have in my kitchen to suggest recipes that I could cook based on what items I have available.

  • I would give Alexa all my passwords to all my emails, social networks, and will have it respond to emails, post statuses and communicate with other people’s Alexas (just because I think everyone will eventually end up doing the same thing!) and in the meantime I will go to an island in Greece or the Pacific and will get a small farm without internet and will start building a self-sustained farm where I can enjoy the taste of food and the bliss of sleep, uninterrupted by electronics. This way, the world will enjoy my presence, as virtual as it is (oh, wait, it is virtual enough today as it is!) and if I ever wanted to get back one day, all I would need to do would be to rename my self Alexa.

  • Adrian Porter

    Alexa, let’s get real here… Please protect me from my stupid self. Take whatever measures needed. And for the final time, I don’t want to play chess, let’s play Global Thermonuclear War! 😉

  • Brandon Manrow

    Alexa, Please launch Grant Fritchey’s Youtube video “SQL Clone and a Little Competition” on my iphone and play repeatedly!

  • Alexa, please write my blog post for me and insert appropriate funny memes or images where I say . =) Here’s hoping I win a Dot! I tried SQL Clone during the beta and enjoyed it, great for deploying dev/test DBs.

OK, fine, but what do you think?