Extended Events for Anything But Query Tuning: xml_deadlock_report_filtered

SQL Server
One of my favorite little bits of information about Extended Events is the fact that everyone running a full instance of SQL Server has deadlock information available to them, even if they never enabled Trace Flag 1222 through the system_health session. That captures the xml_deadlock_report which has the full deadlock graph. However, what if you want to capture deadlock info, but, you're dealing the GDPR, and transmitting query values could be problematic? Enter xml_deadlock_report_filtered. xml_deadlock_report_filtered If you do a search for this event, you're not going to find much. Doesn't seem like anyone, including Microsoft, has bothered to document it. This is not going to be a comprehensive definition for all things xml_deadlock_report_filtered. However, I can show you why you might want to use it. This is a port of…
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