DevOps and Visual Studio

The hardest part about implementing DevOps is not the tools you choose, but the processes you use to make DevOps work. That said, you do need to think about the tools you're going to use to automate those processes. Frequently the emphasis is on third party tools, but it doesn't always have to be. Microsoft's Visual Studio has a number of tools that you can use to automate your DevOps methods. Visual Studio Team Services Connecting a project into Team Services opens up the world of DevOps pretty handily. You can host this all locally and do an install to a server to support it. With more and more of us working with teams that span continents and oceans, it probably makes more sense to use the online version. There's…
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SNESSUG 4/14/2010

SNESSUG, Visual Studio
Tonight's Southern New England SQL Server Users group is sponsored by Idera. Our presenter is Scott Abrants of Iron Mountain. He's talking about deploying databases using Visual Studio Team System:Database Edition. We have a good turnout with 12 people (yeah, we're small). Scott's presentation was a lot of fun and very informative. He's very involved with automating his deployments to a fare-thee-well. He really has Visual Studio dancing and singing. It was a very thorough overview of the VSTS:DBE soltuion. Other user groups should be jealous that we got to see this presentation.
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Southern New England SQL Server Users Group

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 14th, is the next SNESSUG meeting. We're going to get a great presentation from Scott Abrants on using Visual Studio Team System for database deployments. I saw Scott presenting this at SQL Saturday:Boston to a packed room. If you didn't get to see it then, come on down to Rhode Island tomorrow evening. You won't be sorry.
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VSTS:DB Composite Projects

SQLServerPedia Syndication, Tools, Visual Studio
I've seen several searches go by from people who are looking for how to create composite projects. Here's a quick run-down. In the example, I'm going to create a main database project called BaseDB, a server project called MyServer, and a composite project that combines the two called Comp. This project is just another database project as you can see in Figure 1: [caption id="attachment_379" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="New Database Project"][/caption] Once the new project is created, you need to right click on the References object in the Solution Explorer. Figure 2: From the pop-up menu select Add Database Reference. The window in Figure 3 will pop up: [caption id="attachment_383" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Add Database Reference"][/caption] You can select the other projects for a dynamic view into their changes, or for a…
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Visual Studio Team System Database Edition Best Practices

SQLServerPedia Syndication, Visual Studio
Barclay Hill, Program Manager for Visual Studio Team System Database Edition at Microsoft has just launched a new blog that I'm excited about. He's going to be blogging on best practices for VSTS:DB. His initial post outlines the topics he hopes to address and it's an impressive list. I responded immediately with an offer to help because I'm using the tool and struggling a bit to get it to do everything we need and because I really like all that VSTS:DB has done for me and my team already. Any one else interested in pitching in should go over there and get involved. Here's what I sent as an initial message: I saw your blog post and request for interest and participation and decided to pitch in. The company where…
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VSTSDBE GDR RC0: No Joy in Mudville

PASS, Tools, Visual Studio
A few posts ago I outlined the problems I was having getting the RC0 of the GDR to deploy appropriately. I was successful in a deployment, so I thought I was done. Yesterday I went to do a run through of the presentation for PASS and my deploy failed. Despite the fact that I'm running on the same machine with the same project that worked before. I've now gone back through the whole process again, but I'm getting nothing but failures. It's totally hosed. At this point, barring a miracle, I'm going to present the process and then explain that I can't demo it because of failures. I don't know if it's just a configuration issue with my virtual machine or something flawed in the release. Either way, I'm at…
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Tools, Visual Studio
Second round of testing. Instead of associating with a project, I tried creating a reference to a .dbschema file. Same error. This time, I'm going to clear out everything. I tried creating it initially on top of the code from CTP 17. So, another chance to try out the reverse engineer process of "Import Database Schema." Works great. New AdventureWorks database inside Visual Studio with a tested deployment faster than you can spit. Created a new server project. Added a login, just to give it something to do. It deployed fine. On to the compound project. Let's see what happens. Just to see, I did a build and deploy before I added references or objects or anything. It worked great. Whatever that means. I'm taking it a step at a…
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nHibernate, Tools
There is no joy in Mudville. The install of RC0 went smoothly. I was able to create a new server project and deploy it. I was able to reverse engineer AdventureWorks into a new project and deploy that. When I went to create a new compound project, combining the output from the two... deployment failed. I got an arcane error about something in the Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel.ModelSerializationException erroring out. Useful. So, at this point, the functionality I had in my demo for the PASS Summit isn't working. Yikes. I've got two weeks... no pressure... I posted a note about it over at the MSDN discussion site. If you have a solution, swing by and drop it off.
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