TSQL Tuesday: Resolutions

Sounds like a good action adventure movie. The theme this month on TSQL Tuesday, thanks to our host, Jen McCown (blog|twitter) of SQLawesomesauce, is Resolutions. In particular, Techie Resolutions. I have to do this because Jen just received her MVP award, in case you’ve been under a rock since last week. I’m not a resolutions kind of guy. I tend to make plans. The plans might start on January 1st, or they might start as soon as they lawyers are done making up the contract. I’m not hung up on schedules except as they relate to due dates. For example, when submissions are due for the PASS Summit or something along those lines, then I’m date driven. In other words, I don’t sit down New Year’s Day or New Year’s…
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TSQL Tuesday #2

SQL Server, T-SQL
I've wracked my brain for some bit of puzzle that I could present as part of TSQL Tuesday #2 and I finally came up with a bit of something. When you're looking at an execution plan for a query, you know that this represents SQL Servers best attempt at a good execution plan. But, it may not represent the best possible plan. Or, it could be the only possible plan. The puzzle is, how do you know what you're looking at? Is this a trivial plan, meaning it's the only possible execution method for the query? Is this plan fully optimized, or did the optimizer go through it's prescribed cycles and simply take the best plan it had generated up to that point? These questions can be answered directly from information…
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