Failed Blog Posts

Over the last week I've started and trashed two blog posts. Let me tell you, that's painful. You get some great idea and then it all goes south. For example, I was going to explain the difference between a table/heap scan and a clustered index scan. The problem was, I ran into gaps in my knowledge, some outright errors in my beliefs on how data was stored, and really faulty conclusions drawn from those facts and a less than thorough set of tests. I'm not even going to tell you what went wrong with the other notion. Luckily, all this was behind the scenes so I didn't post my ignorance for all to see.  Since I'm not offering you a chance to point & laugh (in this instance), you might…
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Video Lessons

SQL Server, T-SQL
A while back, I wrote a book, Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans. Because of it, I had some conversations with Steve Jones & Andy Warren. For a SQL Server geek, heady company. Anyway, they asked me what my plans are for the book. Plans? I wrote it. I thought that was the plan. But they meant lessons, licensing and all that kind of stuff. I didn't have a clue, but they did. A few weeks ago I flew down to Florida and recorded a bunch of short video lesson plans derived from the book and from discussions with Andy Warren. It was a blast. They've now been published over at JumpstartTV. I hope you find them useful. I had a blast doing them and learned a lot from Andy and…
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