One for My SQL Sisters

Women, for the entire male half of the population, I apologize. Those who know me well recognize, pretty easily, that I am hardly "politically correct." My mode of address can be blunt and even rude. But... I think it's also recognized that I'm very even-handed with my blunt statements. Female or male, if you have in some way crossed me, I'm generally pretty clear about letting you know. So while I absolutely have prejudices (and I won't get into what I think mine are), they are not around Male/Female abilities. Yes, there are differences between the sexes coming from a million+ years of biology and Darwinism, but by & large, especially when talking about cognitive abilities, we're evenly matched. In the computing world, I'm an "old guy." With three or…
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Oh ****!

SQL Server
Did you ever accidentally close SQL Server Management Studio? And, in closing SSMS, did you get the prompt that says “Save changes to the following items?” And did you, completely unthinkingly, with a query you had just been working on, hit Cancel? Yeah, me neither. What kind of idiot does that…. OK. I confess. I just did that. Silly thing it was, but I had just spent at least 1/2 an hour working on a query and now it was gone…. or was it? I had just run the query and had been looking at the results when I closed SSMS. Initially, I panicked and started thinking about how I could get the data back (somewhere there’s a file I’ve heard). Then it occurred to me, I had just been…
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