ORM Research

SQL Server
I posted this over at SQL Server Central, but I thought I'd repeat the question here: I really need some help on this one. One of our development teams is looking into ORM as a way to get code out the door faster. I've been doing a bunch of research on the topic (I'll post the links below) and I've found some interesting discussions over the pluses & minuses of the methdology. There are lots of positive examples of how well it works from all the vendors of various ORM products. I can't find any concrete examples of failed projects or long term maintenance nightmares or anything else like that. Even if ORM is the greatest thing since the flush toilet, there must be failures out there. Does anyone have…
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SCOM Solution

I had posted a problem I was having with SCOM below. I got a good answer to the problem in the Microsoft discussion group. It was a silly little thing. The "SQL" alias inside the object needed a reference placed within the Management Pack definition. I've still go so much to learn about this tool.
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SQL Server 2008 November CTP

My fault, my fault, my most grevious fault... I installed the November CTP to my virtual machine without making a backup of the virtual first. Now I can't get the November CTP to uninstall and the February CTP won't install on top of it. ARRRGGGGH! Anyway, I'll be getting back to 2008 tomorrow, hopefully, after the admin guys get me a new virtual.
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