Choosing the Right SQL Server Edition

SQL Server 2016
Post #6 of #entrylevel #iwanttohelp in support of Tim Ford's (b|t) beginner's initiative. If you're just getting started with SQL Server, the choices you have in front of you are legion. Which drive do you install your instance on? Which drives hold the databases? How many files do you need for a database? What do the tables look like? Which column or columns should be the primary key? Clustered index? Stored procedures? In-Memory? MAXDOP? Et, as they say, cetera. Ad, as they also say, nauseum. Before any of that though, you need to pick the correct type of SQL Server to install. That's right, just saying "SQL Server" is not enough. You must pick between: SQL Server Developer's Edition SQL Server Express Azure SQL Database SQL Server Standard SQL Server…
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