SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Lab at Microsoft

SQL Server 2008, Tools
I got an invite to take part in a lab at the Microsoft Technology Center in Waltham. I took advantage of it. I'll use this post to describe the experience so that anyone else with the opportunity will know what to expect.  [caption id="attachment_333" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="They knew I was coming"] [/caption] First, you recieve a very explicit set of pre-requisites. You need to install the SQL Server Upgrade Assistant, a tool that Microsoft licensed Scalability Experts to create for them. You have to run this against a small database, >25gb. The tool backups up all the databases from the server (so you need to put it on to a test box, rather than try to move an entire production system worth of databases). It then starts a trace that captures all the…
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SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Whitepaper

SQL Server 2008
One of my tasks for the coming year is to evaluate each and every SQL Server 2000 system, identify all the databases, the applications they belong to, and provide an upgrade to SQL Server 2008 cost estimate. I've only started reading this new white paper from Microsoft, but I can already tell it's going to be a huge help.
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XML to Multiple Queries

One of our development teams created a set of queries that are receiving some rather large XML parameters for processing. Unfortunately, the developers didn't think things through entirely. They passed the same, large, XML string in to the server five times in a row. Needless to say, the performance was substandard since the XML parser had to be instantiated five times. My initial suggestion was to use a wrapper procedure to perform a single load of the XML data and then call the other 5 procedures. I further suggested to load the XML into a temporary table and use that within the other procs. Unfortunately this is all taking place within SQL Server 2000. When my initial set of recommendations was done, we had solved one problem and introduced another. We were getting serious recompiles. If…
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