SQL Server Containers Are Boring

Not really, but sort of. The beauty of containers, at least in a dev/test environment, is the ability to spin them up while you need them and then throw them away when you're done. Containers give you a bunch of functionality not otherwise available through a VM. However, once you've spun up a container, they're so dull. Why Are Containers Boring Grant? I'm so glad you asked. Last week I was presenting at SQLIntersection (great show, you should consider attending). I was talking about Query Store in SQL Server 2019. One person in the audience asked, "Can Query Store run inside a container?" I responded, "Great question, let's check." I then switched over to VS code to show this: [crayon-5d0aa8c511287798499973/] Yeah, I had been running all the examples in a…
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Powershell to Automate SQL Compare

A question came up on the SQL Server Central Forums, how could you use Red Gate SQL Compare to automate creating scripts for all your databases at once. What’s the first thing that popped into my head? Yep, Powershell. SQL Compare Pro comes with a command line utility that allows you to automate just about everything you can do with the GUI. I like to use it when I’m setting up deployment mechanisms for systems because it makes one click deployments possible. I won’t go into all the methods of that type of automation here. For a lot more information on that topic, check out the Team-Based Development book. If you’re interested in exploring how you can use the command line, just type this: [crayon-5d0aa8c511ee4097455715/] Now is a good time…
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