SQL Saturday #60, Cleveland Speaker Evals

PASS, SQLServerPedia Syndication
I just received 35 speaker evaluations from SQL Saturday #60 in Cleveland. It was a great event (although I had a hard time getting there) and I really enjoyed giving my presentation on “Gathering and Interpreting Performance Metrics” (a warm-up presentation of part of my SQL Rally pre-con). Feedback is a wonderful gift. Thanks to everyone who filled out the eval and especially to those who commented. The evals have six questions and an area for comments. The questions are rated from Very Poor to Excellent. I’ve decided to assign them number values from 1-5. The overall average is 4.82. Here are the breakdowns per question: How would you rate the usefulness of the session information in your day-to-day environment: 4.79 How would you rate the Speaker’s presentation skills: 4.85…
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