Spatial Data Hurts My Brain

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I'm still barely scratching the surface working with spatial data in SQL Server 2008. We've ported some of the data into a table where we built a geography spatial data column and we're begginning to work with point data. The requirements from the developers are, so far, very simple. They'll feed me a point and I find all the locations "close" to it. We had to go round & round on what defines "close" but finally settled on, I think, 15km. The query to answer a question like this is ridiculously simple (a few object names have been changed): [crayon-5a6bf1fb42c67703518117/] I'm not even hard-coding the "close" value so it can change when they change their minds. It retrieves exactly what's needed. But... Well, look at the STATISTICS IO & TIME:…
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