New England Data Camp Evals

PASS, SQL Server 2008, Tools, TSQL
Anyone reading this who attended the New England Data Camp and filled out an eval, for any of the sessions, thanks. For those 63 evals between the two sessions that I received, thanks. Here are the aggregates on my sessions: Using Visual Studio Team System Database Edition: Average of Knowledge 8.344827586 Average of Presentation 8.482758621 Average of Preparation 8.103448276 Average of Interesting 8.172413793 Average of Overall 8.275862069 Number of Submissions 29 Understanding Execution Plans Average of Knowledge 8.647058824 Average of Presentation 8.617647059 Average of Preparation 8.705882353 Average of Interesting 8.529411765 Average of Overall 8.625 Number of Submissions 34 These are all on a scale of 1-9. I'm really quite happy with the results. Here are the average results for all the speakers and all the sessions at the Data Camp:…
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